First 2 Art Jamming Workshops in Geneva!

23rd April & 13 May 2016

Life of Art had its first two Art Jamming workshops on the 23rd of April and on 13th May. We were fully booked on both occasions which was great, we had a group of 10 people and they seemed to be of all sorts of nationalities. We all met at the Bistrot La Fabrique to grab our drinks and get to know each other a little before walking over to the studio to start the Art Jamming… Our inspirations were a painting of a plum blossom which symbolises the arrival of spring, fitting… and the painting “Water Lilies” by Monet. It was amazing to see everybody’s interpretation of the project and to see each persons’ success at the end of the night, keep in mind that some of our Art Jammers had not done much painting before. It was a great start and we hope to see more of you in the very near future.

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“Fantastic!! Really enjoyed spending time to enjoy painting, and meeting and chatting with other like minded people! Super fun and a great way to switch off from a busy day.” Sophie Hollyoak.


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